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Bibliopride week in Italian libraries

From September 25 to October 1, the Italian Libraries Association (AIB) is organising the National Week of Libraries ‘Bibliopride’. This annual initiative began in 2011 with the aim to promote the library’s role in society.

This year’s initiative is dedicated to the European Year of Skills. The European Years campaigns aim to raise awareness, encouraging debate and dialogue at the European and national level. The European Year of Skills, which began on May 9, has been focusing on the themes of upskilling, lifelong learning, and training to empower people and institutions to better contribute to the digital transition supporting innovation and competitiveness.

With approximately 77% of companies admitting that they are struggling to find staff with the necessary skills, it has become urgent to invest in training and retraining. Special attention should be paid to encouraging more people to enter the labour market, especially women and young people.

Within this context, as public libraries are focused on the empowerment of their users, they are strategically placed to help support the goals set for the European Year 2023. Public libraries occupy a crucial role in supporting lifelong learning and information literacy as they carry out activities and actions aimed at strengthening the cultural and digital competences of current and future citizens and users. They are, therefore, the ideal institution to help foster cultural and digital competences.

In the week dedicated to Bibliopride, AIB invites all libraries in Italy to organize information, digital, and reading literacy initiatives both in presence and online, and to prepare bibliographies dedicated to developing skills on technologies, labour market and green transition.

Click here to discover all the events organized during the Bibliopride week.

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