Advancing Digital Empowerment
of Libraries in Europe

BIBLIO – Supporting librarians through the digital transformation

The BIBLIO project is a Sector Skills Alliance Erasmus+ funded project diving into the impact of digital transformation on the library sector. The aim of this project is to develop a VET training curriculum that equips librarians or those interested in a career in librarianship with the new skills needed for future jobs in the library sector. This project started in 2019 and will run until 2023.

The project started with a research phase led by Public Libraries 2030. This phase explored how the library sector had been impacted by digital transformation and what tomorrow’s jobs would look like within the sector. From desk research, to a survey and in-depth interviews this research included qualitative and quantitative methods to build a picture of the landscape and the needs of the sector. At the end of this phase, the consortium developed two job profiles for tomorrow’s library sector and compiled all the research in a report. The two job profiles developed were the Community Engagement and Communication Officer (CECO) and Digital Transformation Facilitator (DIGY).

Following on from that, a VET curriculum was developed with various modules. This was delivered via a MOOC to build the initial core knowledge of the course. Learners were able to attend weekly webinars delivered by experts hand selected by the consortium on topics of relevance to each module. Upon completing the MOOC, the project headed into the work-based learning period of the project. The pilot countries of the VET curriculum started lining up how this would proceed. At this stage, learners were able to select which specialisation course interested them based on the job profiles developed. This marks the final phase of the project, make sure to follow them on social media to see what they are up to!

Check out the project website for more information on this project!


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