Advancing Digital Empowerment
of Libraries in Europe

Collection of Library case studies

As part of the ADELE project, we collected 100 case studies of digital innovation in public libraries. These best practices have been compiled and made public with the aim to initiate the integration of technology into non-formal education activities within public libraries. 
We also created a booklet where we spotlighted 20 best practices from the collection of 100 case studies to highlight various innovative projects and initiatives being implemented by public libraries across Europe.
While all the case studies are available in English, the booklet was translated into German, Bulgarian and Italian.

Download our Case Study Booklet:

Below, you can have a look at all the case studies we collected from the libraries of the ADELE European Network. The case studies explore digital innovation of public libraries across the 6 ADELE competence areas.
To help librarians navigate the resources, a database containing the full list of the collected case studies and the specific tags and areas of competence was created.