Advancing Digital Empowerment
of Libraries in Europe

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As part of the ADELE project, we organised a series of four webinars on digital skills development in public libraries in Europe. In this series, our speakers explored: EU initiatives on digital skills and education; digital strategies for public libraries; digital skills training activities in public libraries; and how new technologies can be used to engage young people in public libraries. The webinars combine theoretical frameworks, practical approaches as well as best practice examples.

About the webinars

In the first webinar, Michael Horgan (European Commission) presented the EU framework and initiatives for digital skills development, and Norman Röhner (ALL DIGITAL) provided examples of European projects on digital inclusions and skills.

In the second webinar, Koen Vandendriessche (Cultuurconnect) presented digital services and tools for Flemish public libraries, and Jacob Svaneeng (Berlin Central Library) shared the ‘Digital Zebra’ project, an inclusive digital strategy for public libraries in Berlin.

The third webinar with Léa Ichikawa (The Digital Collective) and Maja Lesinger (Prelog Municipal Library, Croatia) explored digital skills training. Léa gave an overview of existing formats, techniques and approaches on digital skills training for library users and staff, and Maja complemented this by presenting best practice examples and discussing training formats for digital skills in non formal adult education, such as the Guerilla Education for Librarians (GEL) project.

In the fourth webinar, we invited Jeroen DeBoer (KB, Netherlands) to discuss the role of public libraries in providing activities around digital literacies targeting a young public and present initiatives such as ‘What The Future Wants’. Our second speaker, Thomas Munk Osmundson (Danish Central Libraries and Vejle Bib, Denmark) showcased The Virtual Library Ship pilot project as one of many innovative ways to engage young people in the library using new technologies (such as VR and AI).

Watch the webinars

All webinars are now available to watch online! Click here for more.

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