Advancing Digital Empowerment
of Libraries in Europe

BIBLIO – Supporting librarians through the digital transformation

The BIBLIO project is a Sector Skills Alliance Erasmus+ funded project diving into the impact of digital transformation on the library sector. The aim of this project is to develop a VET training curriculum that equips librarians or those interested in a career in librarianship with the new skills needed for future jobs in the […]

Creating digitally at the library

Europe has 65 000 public library spaces and sees 100 million people visit one of these every year. Over the years, Europe’s public libraries have adapted their offer to the needs of the digital age, making these one of the first port of call for skills development outside of formal education, from today’s basic digital […]

Launch of the ADELE project

Earlier this year, we kickstarted the Advancing Digital Empowerment of Libraries in Europe project, or ADELE for short. While we may not be a powerhouse vocalist like Adele, we’re a dedicated consortium of organisations from across Europe who want to help libraries navigate the digital transformation. It’s no secret that digital technologies and services play […]